SlutTalk offers cultural consulting for individuals and organizations seeking to create a safe and shame-free world for girls and women. 

Alex Kumin, Comic

Alex Kumin, Comic

PERFORMANCES - Bring a SlutTalk experience to your theatre, school or venue! Each SlutTalk performance features a dynamic line-up of local performers telling true stories about their own experiences with slut culture, sex, and body politics. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You might even learn something. Optional engagement can include a talkback and Q&A.

PUBLIC SPEAKING - SlutTalk creator Alicia Swiz engages audiences in thinking critically about how gender roles affect their everyday lives. In forums that are equally educational and entertaining, she facilitates conversations about gender & media literacy, sex & dating, body image & self-care, personal empowerment & self-expression.

Britt Julious, Writer & Storyteller

WORKSHOPS - When girls tell their stories they grow into women with voices. SlutTalk offers intimate programs that encourage women of all ages and identities to explore their experiences with slut culture, slut shaming and body image.