Not In My Locker Room: DeAndre Levy of the Detroit Lions Speaks Out

 Dave Zirin interviews DeAndre Levy from the Detroit Lions.

Levy is speaking out on #RapeCulture, #BystanderAccountability, #ViolenceAgainstWomen and he is focused, articulate and basically fucking flawless in identifying some of the core issues in sports but also youth and his own community in Detroit. Levy's involvement stems from learning about the city's 11,000 plus untested rape kits that were abandoned and ignored by law enforcement.

Levy is articulate and knowledgeable not to mention transparent about his own accountability. The biggest takeaway is his commitment to educating men and bringing this conversation into public spaces, especially with youth. I fell in love when he pointed out pink cleats, pink wrist bands...not to compete with breast cancer but what if these athletes were wearing purple and then these kids who looked up to them asked why purple? YES. SO ON POINT.

Zirin asks excellent questions and both men point out that they didn't have the understanding as teens to recognize sexual assault. As adults reflecting, they are learning to identify the moments in their lives when they were witness or participatory in this behavior. Once the interview ends, Zirin tells an anecdote to a locker room moment in his life that is both deeply sad and hopeful.