Feminism: A Civil Debate w/ Alicia Swiz

A relevant ICYMI for this pre-WomensMarch #ThrowbackThursday. I was invited to engage in a “civil debate” about  modern feminism with Chicago based Hip-Hop/Rap group Audio Apes on their podcast Hanging With Apes, where they discuss" a wide range of subjects, current events and trending topics." We had an in-depth and entertaining discussion of many challenges to the contemporary feminist movement, many of which stem from misunderstanding and confusion about what makes something feminist. Also, the struggle of male privilege and men listening to , trusting and valuing women. The fellas were super fun and asked a lot of questions and totally gave me a ride home after we finished recording. 


We here at SlutTalk we love a good mixtape. We love to dance. We love dancefloors. And we especially love DJ's who make us feel something more than the music: connection, solidarity...they touch us in unique and magical ways. A good DJ, like a good song or some good touch, can change your life. DJ TESS IS THAT DJ.

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The Clambake: Songs by Ladies, Women, and Grrrls

Last night I was invited to be a guest DJ on The Clambake with host Penny Dreadful, radically vulnerable lady DJ who dedicates her two hour show to music by non-dudes. IT WAS SO FUN. My favorite part was playing tracks by new favorites I've discovered in Chicago: Celine Neon, The Cell Phones, Jamila Woods. And plenty of old faves from the WUAG days: Carolina Chocolate Drops, Mount Moriah, the everybodyfields. To make it easy, I was limited to Spotify selections and also non-explicit because of the FCC and all that hoo-ha. But for you, dear readers/listeners, I have added a few extra explicit tracks that I couldn't play on air!

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SlutTalk: Kurt Metzger & Rape Culture

I live and perform in Chicago, where I host a show called Feminist Happy Hour. It's also a city where white men dominate most performance spaces, especially comedy rooms where rape jokes and victim blaming are celebrated as much as the Blackhawks. And it's not just the humor that's toxic, as women who perform in Chicago experience assault that happens offstage as much as it does onstage.

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Not In My Locker Room: DeAndre Levy of the Detroit Lions Speaks Out

Dave Zirin interviews DeAndre Levy from the Detroit Lions.

Levy is speaking out on #RapeCulture, #BystanderAccountability, #ViolenceAgainstWomen and he is focused, articulate and basically fucking flawless in identifying some of the core issues in sports but also youth and his own community in Detroit. Levy's involvement stems from learning about the city's 11,000 plus untested rape kits that were abandoned and ignored by law enforcement.

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I'm Not Crazy But You're Sexist

Two years ago I had a brief affair with a man I met while visiting my cousin in California. We met, we sparked, we frenched. I went back to Chicago and, to my surprise, he called – like on the phone – which led to video chats and regular texting and suddenly six months was too long to be apart so we decided I’d come visit before the next trip I already had scheduled and he’d split the airfare with me. Our visit was lovely, but about a week after I returned to Chicago, I could just sense a shift. His texts were fewer and further between and before I knew it, he ghosted on me. Like, completely. Without reimbursing me the half of the cost of the $500 plane ticket, as we had originally agreed. I kept trying. but he continued to ignore my texts, calls, and emails about settling our tab.

In the time between our last contact and my next trip to California four months later, I spent more time than I care to recount doubting myself and our relationship in an attempt to explain his disappearance: Did I do something to push him away? Did I make it into more than it was? Did I imagine that this person had feelings for me? Sitting on the couch with my cousin, who lived just a few blocks away from him, I half joked: “I should just knock on his door and make him give me my money. Is that crazy?” “A little bit?” My cousin replied. We both knew that my desire was valid, that I deserved not just a respectful response to the ending of our relationship, but also a resolution to the agreement about the ticket. But, we also understood what it means to be a woman demanding respect, attention, and value. It means you’re a psycho.

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Yes, the 'Maleficent' rape scene matters for all women

Angelina Jolie is talking about rape.

Last week the academy award-winning actress was all over the internet when she joined Foreign Secretary William Hague in leading the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The summit came just days after the opening of Jolie’s current film, Maleficent, which opened at #1 and has since grossed over $ 150M worldwide. The Disney production is a retelling of the 1959 animated classic from the villain’s point of view that has received mixed reviews among critics but garnered significant attention in circles for it’s provocative story line.

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